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Online Picture Book Critique with Jude Evans

Date(s) - 12/15/2015
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Picture Books

This is a wonderfully exciting and challenging time for the picture book industry. Competition is tougher than ever before: bookshops are challenged by the rise of the internet; publishers are challenged by the reduction in the number of trade outlets and the volume of books vying for slots in stores and in promotions, plus smaller margins and rising print costs. However as publishers need to work harder to make their books stand out, we are also being more creative, more innovative, raising the bar ever higher in creating inspiring, memorable books. As an author this can seem overwhelming and intimidating, but be reassured that publishers are always in need of new talent, new texts, new illustrators. In a world of change one core thing remains the same, and that is the importance of story: a well-structured, clever story with a unique concept or clever twist will always endure.
Strong characterisation is vital – a character voice that is unique, idiosyncratic and believable. A clear author voice helps, as does a distinctive atmosphere or tone – whether it be playful, warm and reassuring, dramatic, edgy and percussive, or lyrical and soothing. Humour is a great way to engage the child reader (and the parent!), and can come in the form of outright slapstick through to gentle observational humour. It can be the perfect way to make a difficult topic more palatable, or to help an emotional story escape sentimentality. Your opening needs to be clear and immediate, to introduce story, character or hook from the first spread: the opening doesn't need many words, but it does need to engage the reader. In our picture book critique we'll share ideas about openings specifically, but also about the characteristics that make your picture books work, and what will make them special enough to stand out in a competitive market.



About Jude: 

Jude Evans is Publisher of Little Tiger Press. She publishes award-winning, best-selling picture, board and novelty books by internationally acclaimed authors and illustrators including Catherine Rayner, Tim Warnes, Jane Chapman, Steve Smallman, Tracey Corderoy, Claire Freedman and Emma Yarlett. Little Tiger specialise in nurturing new authors and illustrators to create their best work. They focus on books that will be commercially successful and creatively satisfying: books that will make children laugh, and think, and will build a lifelong love of reading.








Online Picture Book Critique session with Little Tiger Press editor Jude Evans with an oral critique of first 600 words of your picture book. Jude will make a short presentation on what makes a good first page. After the presentation, the first 600 words from each participant will be read out loud and Jude will comment on each one. Ten minutes are scheduled for each participant. Participation limited to 10.

Submissions of first 600 words of a picture book are due Monday, November 30 at 4:00 pm.



Tuesday December 15, 2015 from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Central European Time



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